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Spanish Legal IssuesPosted by Andrew Thu, February 02, 2017 14:04:20
January 25th, 2013

This is often the first question we are asked by clients who have been informed of a right to a Spanish inheritance – but are leading a busy life elsewhere in the world. The short answer is: ‘it is not necessary to be personally present in Spain, provided that you have a reliable and trusted legal representative in Spain’.

We have agreed form documentation for signature with Public Notaries throughout the UK and all 3 Spanish Consulate offices in the UK (and also with the Spanish Consulate offices; and with public Notaries in numerous other countries), which enables the legal procedures to be securely and professionally conducted in Spain on behalf of our clients. This avoids the requirement for our clients to be physically present in Spain.

This form of representation also enables all other dealings with Spanish properties (eg. sales and purchases) to be conducted for clients who are unable to be in Spain for the duration of the transactional process.